Katy + Kathy

Five stars just aren't enough. Working with Chelsea was a joy and a privilege. At the suggestion of friends, I went to Modehaus after my (now) wife proposed to me. Because marriage equality didn't happen until recent years, I'd never imagined myself as a bride - nor had I imagined I'd want a bridal gown. But, after meeting Chelsea and seeing her amazing collection, I realized that not only did I want to wear a bridal gown, but that Modehaus had exactly the dress I didn't know I was looking for! The experience of working with Chelsea was beyond wonderful. She has an infectious enthusiasm and is dedicated to getting every last detail just right. She was open to modifications, and she never, ever made me feel self conscious. My wife and I both ended up having our bridal attire made by Chelsea, and together we looked - and felt - radiant. I can't recommend Modehaus enough. You will not be disappointed.

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Custom BrideChelsea Lovett
Did You Say Feathers?

I cannot speak highly enough of working with Chelsea or her ability to make your wedding dress dreams come true! She was wonderful to work with from start to finish. I had an idea of a dress that I had been holding onto based off of a dress I had seen in a movie. She really listened to what I wanted and made changes to ensure that it would look flattering. It felt like I had a partner and friend throughout the process. On top of how great Chelsea was, I had a once in a lifetime experience with my mom as we got to design something beautiful together for my big day. Everything was perfect; thank you Modehaus for such an amazing experience!!

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Christine + Hillary

So much more than a wedding dress! Chelsea designed a custom wedding dress for me and did major alterations to my wife's jumpsuit. Working with Chelsea was our favorite part of wedding preparations. She was flexible but shared her opinions and recommendations. We spent the first part of each visit just chatting and filling her in on where we were with the rest of our wedding plans - this was so helpful (and anxiety reducing) for us since we did not have a wedding planner. She gave us both exactly what we wanted but better than we would have known to ask for. My wedding dress was absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever had on my body and it made me feel amazing. My wife looked beyond gorgeous in her custom-fitted jumpsuit and Chelsea even hid snaps in the legs so that my wife could switch to flats for the ceremony. We highly recommend Chelsea! Do a custom dress with this talented maker- it's a luxury but it is worth it.

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